What Would Life be Like if You didn't Obsess Over Your Body?

September 14, 2018


I want you to imagine what your life would be like if you were perfectly happy with your body. 


How would you feel?


What would you think about? 


If you took all that brain juice that you are currently using to beat yourself up about your physical appearance, 


and no longer thought negatively about your appearance---


what might you think about instead?


The term self-objectification means evaluating yourself based on what you look like. 


Or in other words, 


thinking about how your body looks as if it were an object. 


'I wonder if my butt looks big in these jeans?'




'Can you see my muffin top in this pencil skirt?'




'My thighs are wider today than they were yesterday. I'm letting myself go.'






Can you relate to any of these thoughts?


Yeah, me too.


I could rant and rave forever about how terrible the media is.


And how women need to be seen as more than just their bodies. 


I agree with all of that. 


In fact, the entire Beauty Redefined campaign is amazing. 


You should check it out. 


But you know who else needs to change right along with the big bad media?




And that's the best news ever.


Because I haven't figured out how to get in contact with Victoria Secret just yet.


But I can start with ME.


I need to stop objectifying myself.


And start seeing ME as more than just my body. 


But how?


I feel like I've been wishing I could rid myself of this self-objectification syndrome for years. 


And I had a breakthrough last week.


Instead of falling into the familiar trap of guilt and shame about how I wish I cared less about my body...


I asked myself the following question:


'What do people who love their bodies think about their bodies?'


And then the answer came to me:


They don't think about their bodies very much at all. 






You know what they think about?


The epic surprise party they're going to throw their husband for his 35th birthday.


They think about how they can serve their neighbor who was just diagnosed with cancer.


They think about how cute their 5 year old looks in her gigantic backpack as she's walking to the bus stop.


Or how they're going to finally write that novel they've always dreamed about.


They think about how they're going to make a million dollars, for crying out loud!


Doesn't that sound so much more exciting than thinking about muffin tops or thigh gaps?


So next time you catch yourself thinking about how your body looks, 


channel your future self and redirect those thoughts, sister---


because future YOU doesn't think about her body as an object at all.


If this is helpful, share this super awesome post with a friend you love, mmmkay? 


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