Overwhelm: My Favorite Indulgent Emotion

January 31, 2019



Can we talk about overwhelm for a moment?

When I hear people say that they are "just so overwhelmed!" 


It kind of sounds like they think overwhelm just happens to them.


And that they have no control over it.


I get that.


I used to believe that, too.


But I don't believe that anymore. 


Feeling overwhelmed comes from what we are thinking.


Thoughts like, 


"There's just so much to do!"


"I'll never get everything done!"


"I have to do everything myself"


"We're drowning in student loans that we'll never pay off!"




"My life is so hard."


"With all my kids' needs...and my husband...and my church's never-ending!"


But what if it weren't?


What if it weren't "never-ending"?


Or overwhelming?


What if you had exactly the right amount of time in each day to get the most important things done?


What if your life weren't "so hard"?


What if you weren't "Drowning in student loans"? That's such a dramatic way of looking at your money, right?


What if it weren't possible to "drown in student loan debt"?


Could that be true?


What if you could believe it?


Here's the thing about overwhelm---


it's an indulgent emotion.


Want to know why?

Because when we are operating from overwhelm,


we don't take action.


Because we're too overwhelmed! 



So we watch The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society original movie on Nexflix instead. 


And that's easier than taking action.


You see that?


So what if you decided that you weren't going to ever get overwhelmed again?


What would you have to be thinking?


Here are a couple of my favorite go-to thoughts that keep overwhelm from taking over:


'The universe has my back.'


'I can do hard things.'


'There is always enough time to get done what is most important.'


Don't forget to share this post with your favorite overwhelmed friend. 

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