Do You Consume More than You Create?

February 14, 2019



In today's world, 


we have endless amounts of information that are just a click away.




It's amazing. 


And at the same time it can feel overwhelming-- 


if we let it.


Have you ever noticed how easy it is to read and read and read


about how to do something--


Without ever actually doing it?


Isn't that crazy?


I catch myself thinking all the time...


'I just need to get a little more information on the subject first...'




I'm all for Pinterest. 


And the wealth of knowledge that is the internet. 


Self-improvement books are my jam. 


But watch yourself.


Don't get  


sucked into the vortex of consuming so much information


on how to do something, 


that you never actually DO ANYTHING.


You know what I mean?


Get your work out there in the world, sister.


I don't care if it's the work of writing your first novel, 


or singing your first solo in sacrament meeting. 


Or maybe it's learning how to create a flyer for the upcoming PTA Halloween carnival.


Or baking homemade bread for your family and friends. 


We all have the desire to create. 


So what is it that often stops people from creating?


There are many reasons, 


but I believe that one of the big ones is fear of judgement. 


Will people judge your work?

Heck yes they will. 


So what?


Put it out there anyway. 


And remind yourself that other people's judgments aren't dangerous. 


You were made for creating. 


I don't care if you aren't the very best at what you do.


Do it anyway. 


I mean, how do you think you're going to get better at it?


By thinking about it? 




Reading endlessly about it?


Wrong again.


By DOING it. 




Don't hide your light. 


Even if it's a really dim one. 


Let it shine, mama. 


Now go create something today. 


And then come back and tell me about it! I'd love to hear what you are putting out in the world. 



For an excellent read that is sure to motivate you to create and not just consume, pick up a copy of Austin Kleon's easy-peasy read, Show Your Work. 


You'll love it. 

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