Keep it Small and Simple

November 9, 2018




I work with brave women every day. 

Women who have good lives and want to make them great.


It's pretty common for me to hear from them something like this:


"I just have so many things I want to work on...


"so many areas I want to change...


I don't even know where to start."


That's when I love to teach them that they can start anywhere.


It doesn't matter. 


Making one small change in one area of you life 


can affect SO MANY other areas of you life.


Taking a look at one thought that you have chosen to believe


one thought that's causing you pain...


and deciding not to believe it anymore---


can have a ripple effect . 


A ripple effect that changes everything.


Let me tell you how this happened in my life:


I decided almost two years ago that it was time to take control of my health.


So I hired a personal trainer (@munchercruncher--she's the best!)


and made it a priority to focus on eating healthy. 


I didn't revamp my whole life.


Or give up all my bad habits,


I just chose to focus more intentionally on my nutrition.


And guess what? 


That small change led me to other small changes, 


like starting a blog...


and deciding to become a life coach...


and working more intentionally on my relationship with my husband, 


and my relationship with my children, 


and my relationship with myself.


And it all started with one change. 


So decide on one small thing to work on today:


Drink more water,


spend 5 minutes a day with each of your children individually, 


eat one extra serving of vegetables,


or tell your spouse one thing you love about him each day for a month. 





What small change will you make today?

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