Tips for a Drama-Free Thanksgiving

November 17, 2018


During this past week, several of my clients wanted to talk about the upcoming holidays.


They felt stress about spending time with certain family members.


They talked about wanting to avoid drama.


They talked about wanting to feel peace


But they've been thinking about the interactions they've had in the past with these family members, 


and they've been feeling a lot of anxiety.


Can you relate?


Is there a family member that you aren't looking forward to spending time with?


That one sister-in-law who spreads rumors?


Gossips behind your back?


Your mother-in-law?


I mean, no matter what you do, you just can't please her, right?


Here was my advice to my clients, 


and it's my advice to you as well--


Instead of dwelling on the past, 


I want you to imagine what Thanksgiving will be like this year.


And I want you to envision those family members acting the way they always act:


Your MIL behaves exactly as she always does.


Your sister-in-law continues to gossip.

They say the same things they always say.


They treat you the same way they've always treated you---


how do you want to respond?

Really think about that question for a minute. 


How do you want to feel?


Did you know you get to choose? 


Of all the emotions that are available to you,


which one will you pick?


Did you know that they don't have to change their behavior in order for you to feel better?


Your mother-in-law can disapprove of you---


and you can STILL love her.


Your sister-in-law can gossip about you behind your back


and you can STILL love her. 


And you don't have to fake it.


You just have to change the way you think about the situation.


You have to change the way you think about your MIL.


And your SIL.


What would that even look like? 


Can you picture it? 


I can. 


What if you just decided that everyone is doing the best they can. 


I love that thought, and it causes me to feel so much love and peace. 


You've got this. 


Happy Thanksgiving, girl. 

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