The Future is Your Property

November 23, 2018

What do you want your future to look like?


Did you know that our future exists only in our minds?


Because of that, 


it's totally our property. 


We can believe about it WHATEVER we want about it. 


Isn't that crazy?


We can't always control the circumstances that await us, 


but we can ALWAYS control what we think about them.


How do you want to think about your future?


Mine is going to be amazing. 


I've already decided.


I'm going to love my children. 


And my children's children. 


No matter what. 


I'm going to set big goals.


And I'm going to slay every single one of them. 


Did you know that you can do the same? 


This applies to the future that is tomorrow


as well as the future that exists 40 years from now. 


What do you want most for your future?


Speaking of the future, in just a couple of days, my new podcast launches! 


Subscribe here.




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