Your Suitcase

February 14, 2019



When meeting someone new, like all of you, I often get asked what I do for a living. 


It was years ago when I first found myself saying, 


"I'm just a mom."




Without even consciously knowing it, I was making myself smaller. 


Minimizing the importance of the role I chose to take on. 


Rachel Hollis put it this way:


"It's as though we're all children on a playground trying to say whatever others want to hear, trying to hide all the parts that others might not understand. It makes me wonder how many women are walking around living in half their personality, and in doing so, denying who their creator made them to be."


Here's the thing--


why do so many  of us feel the need to minimize our awesomeness?


Is it because we don't recognize it in the first place?


Or because we don't want to seem conceited?


I mean, why aren't we shouting from the rooftops that we survived residency??


That alone is an amazing feat. 


Recognizing your own gifts and talents doesn't have to be about you at all. 


After all, 


You didn't create yourself.


God did. 


And He was the one who packed your suitcase with all sorts of talents and gifts and abilities.


Each one of us was given a different suitcase. 


And we have the opportunity to add more to our luggage while here on this earth. 


Cultivate more talents.


More gifts.


More abilities. 


I think it's time that we all recognize our own beauty and gifts a little bit more. 


And we can recognize them in others as well. 


"What is it I do for a living, you ask?"


I teach the future. 


I help mend broken hearts. 


I listen. Really listen.


I laugh. 


A lot. 


I love fiercely and discipline directly.


I spend my days doing the two best jobs in the whole world.


I'm a mom.


And I'm a life coach. 





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